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Our mission is to educate the community for purpose of spotting, reporting, and ultimately eliminating human trafficking in Effingham County, one person at a time.

The 57/70 Task Force is a group of individuals working to educate the community to eliminate human trafficking in Effingham County, one person at a time. The Task Force is utilizing many avenues to fulfill their mission, which include hosting informational roundtables (via Facebook live) to share the perspective and knowledge of Effingham City Police Department, and several related nonprofits and awareness billboards in our area. 

The group’s page on Facebook amplifies local and online events and resources that educate people on various aspects of this crime and help them to prevent or to report suspected trafficking. 57/70 Task Force works with local agencies like CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocate), SAFE (Stop Abuse for Everyone), Eden’s Glory, SWAN (Stopping Woman Abuse Now), Effingham City Police Department, and Effingham Social Justice Group.

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“Human trafficking is often an invisible crime, but we believe everyone can help spot the warning signs and help save victims from their traffickers. Effingham is a hub of Interstate traffic, where millions of people stop at restaurants, bars, and gas stations. There are ways that employees of these establishments, as well as members of the public, can read the signs of trafficking/kidnapping. If we can help save even one person from this awful crime, our efforts will be worth it.” says Amber Wakefield, 57/70 Task Force member. The 57/70 Task Force, established in 2020, was founded by community leaders, along with the Effingham County Chamber of Commerce. The task force’s mission is to educate the community for purpose of spotting, reporting and ultimately eliminating human trafficking in Effingham County, one person at a time. For more information, email 5770taskforce@gmail.com or visit www.5770taskforce.org . In support of their mission of cultivating philanthropy to build better communities, the Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation is committed to bring the full capabilities of an independent community foundation to smaller communities in our region by working with local volunteers and donors to improve their hometowns. The 57/70 Taskforce is a fund of Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

United Against Human Trafficking

Discover our comprehensive efforts to combat human trafficking in Effingham County. Our Facebook page and website serve as hubs for sharing educational resources, survivor stories, and news about events related to prevention and reporting. Engage with us to access valuable training materials, stay updated on the latest developments, and join a community dedicated to ending human trafficking. Together, we can raise awareness, empower individuals, and build a safer future for everyone

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Discover a wealth of resources for human trafficking education and training. We resource online courses, workshops, toolkits, and expert guides to empower individuals and organizations. Click ‘Read More’ to access comprehensive training opportunities.

Survivor Stories

Explore inspiring survivor stories. Hear firsthand accounts of resilience, courage, and triumph over human trafficking. Click ‘Read More’ to be inspired.

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Get the latest news & events. Stay updated on the latest developments,. initiatives, and events in the fight again human trafficking. Click ‘Read More’ to stay informed.

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